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Grey Goose
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Shout - w/ Belvedere Intense & Peroni
- Big Mel

Mixture Vol. XIV
Check out the track listings for our Mixture Mixed CD/VIP Invitations. Click here to request a free mixed CD.

Mixed By: Tayrock

Mixture Vol. XIV

1. Intro : DJ Tayrock
2. I'm In Love Remix : T Pain
3. Do It To It (DJ Tayrok Remix) : Cherish
4. Dope Girl : Brooke Valentine / Pimp C
5. Laid Back : Bentley
6. Be With You (DJ Tayrok Remix) : Mary J Blige
7. I Aint Gonna : Lil Lola
8. Top Back : T.I.
9. D.T.P. Exclusive : Shareefa
10. Cant Get Out The Game (DJ Tayrok Remix) : Nicole Wray
11. Whats Happening Remix : Juvenile
12. Me Too : Clipse
13. Gimme Dat : Chris Brown / Lil Wayne
14. Back Like Dat Remix : Neyo / Kanye West / Ghostface
15. Take This Ring : Toni Braxton
16. The One You Need : Megan Rochelle / Fabulous
17. Enough Cryin (DJ Tayrok Remix) : Mary J. Blige
18. Me and My Chick : Busta Rhymes
19. Bad Girl : Black Buddafly
20. Stay : Neyo
21. Me and You : Cassie
22. Tell Em What They Want to Hear : Rashad
23. Why You Wanna : T.I.
24. New York : Busta Rhymes
25. I Love You : Cheri Dennis
26. Wanna Love You Remix : Robin Thicke / Busta Rhymes
27. Outro : DJ Tayrock


Monica Tookes

Monica Tookes

"It is true that no one can see the world the way in which I see it. Yet, what my eyes see transfers life to an unsettled page."
  - Monica Tookes, artist

Monica Tookes was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and is now skillfully sketching her signature across the nation’s artistic canvas by creating images that capture and express human emotions and stimulate the imagination. She truly defines art by creatin... Click here to see and read more about Monica Tookes.

For more information on Monica Tookes visit

Click here to view works by Monica Tookes.


Janae V

Janae V

"Many people only know me as just a bartender but I am also a certified personal trainer. I do home training as well as training in a facility."
 - Janae V, Bartender - The Velvet Room

Janae V's Bartender Profile

Name: Janae V
Location(s): The Velvet Room
Favorite Drink To Make: The Mojito
Favorite Drink To Drink: A good old fashioned Texas Margarita
Favorite Bar: The Velvet Room
Favorite Liquor: Jack Daniels

Click here to see Janae V in action.

What's hot to drink?

Sapphire Ultimate Martini
3 parts Bombay Sapphire
Dash of Martini & Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth
Green olives
Twist of Lemon

Serving Instructions
Put it in a glass

Great With Friends
Drink Smart

Rolling Out

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